We are not angels, for we have a body.
Nancy Casielles

Invited to produce a piece for the Addenda exhibition, the artist immersed herself in the Museum’s archives and was particularly impressed by the writings of Sister Marie-Rose Carouy (1851-1923). A leading figure in this religious community, the prioress invented Helkiase, a miraculous balm which, at the time, brought great wealth to the Hospital. She also turned one of the building’s rooms into a museum, foreshadowing the future use of the venue. For the purpose of making the film entitled "Nous ne sommes pas des anges, nous avons un corps" [We are not angels, for we have a body], Marie Zolamian selected a number of excerpts from Sister Marie-Rose Carouy’s personal diary. Expertly paced, the selected pieces scroll by in suspended time, revealing their author’s most intimate secrets. Upon reading them, one gets an idea of the level of humility necessary to commit to monastic life. The strength of these excerpts is all the more emphasised by the mysterious “J.” that the artist intentionally selected as the recipient of these words. The work undeniably switches to the level of basic desires which arise, intensely and instinctively, despite the monastic life environment. Borrowed from Teresa of Avila, the title of the work clearly explains this carnal dimension.

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